Sunday, December 07, 2008

Los sapitos hacen mm ah mm ah...

Cafecito Bogota
1015 Manhattan Ave (Greenpoint)

Cafecito Bogota

Ryan and I were in Greenpoint Wednesday night to catch Ted Leo at Studio B. I'd been wanting to check out some restaurants recommended by Brooklyn Based and Cafecito Bogota was named on their post about S. American restaurants to check out in Greenpoint. Serving sandwiches and arepas, the spot was pretty small and cozy with about 8-9 tables inside. There was a DJ setup but it was being used to display flyers, business cards and a faux Christmas tree. I'm not sure what the vibe is supposed to be as there is a bar, restaurant seating, WiFi and the aforementioned turntables. We decided to go with the Are(ta)pas deal at $30 for 6 small arepas (tapas size). Pick three and get two of each.

Arepas at Cafecito Bogota

From left, the Millionaria arepa. Smoked salmon, crema fresca and salmon roe. Interesting and fusiony - not my favorite. In the center, a more successful attempt, the Medellin arepa with chorizo, red beans and rice. On the right, an arepa topped with ham, swiss, guava and mint. I forgot what this was called but it was pretty good, mixing sweet and savory.

The restaurant was empty the entire time but our server was not on top of us. Water served from a filtered water pitcher. I had to note this because it's the first time I've seen this in a restaurant. I'm curious to see how it does - it still has some kinks to work out foodwise but I imagine it's doing alright.

**1/2 - minus points for the weird smoked salmon arepa and for the fact that I really wanted to go to Pio Pio Riko across the street. And more for the fact that the price factored out to be $5 each for those little arepas. Meh.

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