Sunday, December 14, 2008

The goods

As promised, photos of our food from last night's holiday party. I started prepping and cooking ahead on Thursday so by the time Saturday came, it was pretty stress free and I was actually able to mingle with people. Comfort food is good for the stomach and soul:

Appetizers - Danish Blue cheese with honey, Podda Classico (hard Italian cheese - I really wanted Grana Padano which was much cheaper but of course the guy at Murray's handed me this. Super delicious but at $22/lb waaaaay too much!), balsamic braised onions, eggplant caponata, various olives from Whole Foods and Choice Greene, cornichons, marinated fresh anchovies and the salad

Ricotta cheese on rosemary crackers
Rosemary crackers topped with ricotta. Some with fig jam, others with truffle honey. Yums!

Mac n Cheese
The mac n cheese. This came out way better than I could've hoped. I even messed up the recipe, using the leeks for the green beans instead of the originally prescribed scallions. I had about four leeks cut up and only 1/2 cup of scallions. So I guess when I make this again, more scallions in the mix! So delicious and not too cheesy - I used equal parts fontina and gruyere - half in the sauce and the other half layered in between pasta layers. Topped with breadcrumbs sauteed with butter and parmesan and we had a winner, folks.

This is the one thing I didn't make myself - I'm not a huge fan of ham but I like it paired with fruit. Cinnamon apples or in our case, spiced peach sauce with rum. We have some leftover and you know what that means - split pea soup and jambon et beurre sandwiches!

Greenbeans with dill
These were super easy to make. As mentioned earlier I messed the onions up. The dill really brightened this dish but I wish I'd had the leeks in here. Will definitely make again.

I prepped and chopped everything the day before I had to cook, making the day of much easier. I also made the caponata, braised onions and peach sauce ahead because these things took a while to cook and reduce.

Unfortunately, no pics of the rhum baba. Which is alright because I really wanted more of a pound cake and not a bread bundt.

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