Saturday, November 08, 2008

Throwdown your $$

Mesa Grill
5th Ave betw. 15th and 16th Streets

Sophie's Chopped Salad at Mesa Grill
Alexis: To surprise Alex for our anniversary I made reservations at Mesa Grill; B. Flay is his favorite celebrity chef because they share the same love of spice. I am not so much a fan but managed to sidestep any ancho-chipotle-honey mole-southwest spice concoctions. I started with the Chopped Salad, which had red kidney and garbanzo beans, some really delicious olives and fried tortillas.

Oaxaca cheese Quesadilla at Mesa Grill
Alexis: Alex's appetizer, Oaxaca cheese quesadilla with BBQ duck.

Alex: I started off with a heavy hitter. The best part of the 'dilla was the dollops of bbq sauce. Somehow it worked well. After the bread and quesadilla, I was already ready to explo-o-o-ode!

Lamb chops at Mesa Grill
Alexis: My entree, lamb "porterhouse" chops with pumpkin tamale and concord grapes, mint oil. The meat was solid and nicely complemented by the sauce.

Southwestern Fries at Mesa Grill
Alexis: I didn't want the tamale so ordered these fries on the side. Tossed in a little bit of southwestern spices. For $7, not overwhelmed by them.

Alex: I didn't eat too many of the fries, but I thought they were better than average. The spices gave them an extra kick to put em over the top.

Sunday Special at Mesa Grill
Alexis: Alex's entree, the Sunday Special. Double cut pork chop smothered in maple-horseradish sauce, apple-mint chutney on the side.

Alex: I asked the waiter what he recommended and I should have known he would tell me the plate of the day. I probably should have went with my gut and gotten the duck since it also came with a side dish that I wanted (chorizo goat cheese tamale). But I digress... the pork chop was thick as hell!!! Super tender too, but the sauce was a little on the sweet side.

Alexis: Overall, I was pretty underwhelmed by this place. The service was canned, the ambiance nil, but cocktails and meat were very good. Much of the food just didn't appeal to my tastes. I'd give him another chance but I think next time I want to step it up and hit Bar Americain. They have maple-horseradish sauce there too.

Alexis: ***
Mesa Grill got some extra points for not having a single vegetarian-friendly dish on the menu. That's what I'm talkin about!!

Alex: ***
I'm going to go with 3 stars also because B. Fleezy is my man even though I was a little disappointed. Bar American is next, don't make me mad Bob.

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