Tuesday, October 21, 2008

West Coast pt. 3 (Night)

Sushi Koo
Irving at 4th Ave, San Francisco, CA (Inner Sunset)

Spoonful of Happiness at Koo
Alexis: Sushi in San Francisco! My cousin Andrea picked this restaurant. I let her do the ordering as she is a regular here. We started with the Spoonfuls of Happiness. To the left, ankimo (monkfish liver) wrapped in whitefish with ponzu and truffle oil. I didn't really get to taste the ankimo, nor did I know what it was at the time. The texture was slightly creamy. To the right, uni with roe, raw quail egg and ponzu. This was only my second time to eat uni and I decided I had to make up for lost time. Nothing else like it - super creamy, smooth and briny. And to think it's just sea urchin gonads.

Sushi at Koo
Alexis: This is one plate of sushi. From top to bottom: toro, gindara, kanpachi. So delicious! I've stopped eating maguro but toro is a different story. Fatty, fresh and tasty. This was my first time to try gindara in sushi form and it was mild and slightly tangy. The kanpachi here was delicious, much better than Ushiwakamaru.

Sushi at Koo
Alexis: From left, butterfish, barracuda and uni. The two fish tasted similar. My first time to try either and I would definitely order these again. Again, the taste of these fish was very mild; texture slightly firm and smooth.

Mint spare rib lettuce cup
Alexis: Minted pork lettuce cup. Tender pork that you wrap in lettuce and top with carrot and cucumber. Fun to eat and delicious too, the mint added an unexpected freshness.

Alex: So this was my first serious venture into the land of sushi. For the most part it was good. Most of the fish was pretty mild and the texture was firm enough that I didn't feel like I was eating sea goo. The uni on the other hand I couldn't handle. From the tub girl color, to the mushy texture, to the taste, I just couldn't hang. For some reason it reminded me of a truckstop bathroom. I don't want to get too graphic as to not discourage people from trying it, but let's just say it isn't my cup of tea (or spoon of nads). Luckily we also ordered a pretty standard meat dish.

Alexis: ****
Good service, great sushi. The Spoonfuls of Happiness were so good Jaebock and I split another one at the end of the meal.

Alex: **** I'm no sushi expert so I'll take everyone else's word that this place is good.

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