Sunday, October 19, 2008

West Coast pt. 3 (Day)

I jumped ahead of myself for a second and forgot all about what we did on Wednesday! (I'm trying to do this chronologically). Before we drove up to Napa, we had a delicious day in San Francisco. We started at the Ferry Building Marketplace on Embarcadero, which looked out over the Bay towards Treasure Island and Yerba Buena.

Alexis: This is a Bombolini that Alex bought when we got there. Similar to a donut but more puffy, this comes filled with custard, Nutella or raspberry preserves. It also kind of looks like an anus. Eek!

Alex: I'll toss a salad like that any day. This one looks prettier than it tasted, typical donut like pastry. Good, but not to die for.

Hog Island Oysters
Alexis: My first stop was Hog Island Oyster Company. The weather was beautiful so we sat outside with a view of the bay and I ordered a glass of Verdejo and a sampling of half a dozen oysters, from the east and west coasts. The east coast oysters are raised in the Pacific so they have a lot of similar qualities. I fell in love with the Sweetwater oysters (pictured) which were buttery and sweet. I ordered three more. The seafood in San Francisco is seriously on another level! And now I can order these delicious mollusks from their online store to enjoy here in Brooklyn.

Alex: Blech!

Porchetta Panini from Boccalone Salumeria
Alexis: The good thing about eating lunch here is that there is something for everyone. We met my friend Michael here and we each lined up at different spots. My pick was Boccalone Salumeria, where I ordered the Porchetta Panini. This had Porchetta di Testa, which is made from the pig's head - the meat is seasoned with garlic, rosemary and chili and rolled, tied and cooked. Served on crusty bread with arugula and a squeeze of lemon, this was greasy and delicious.

Taylor's Refresher
Alexis: Alex's pick, Taylor's Refresher.

Alex: Solid Blue Cheese burger. The bun was a little too thick but it gets props for being fresh, might have been baked on the spot. What more can I say? A step above Shake Shack and In-and-Out, but not a granddaddy like one of my all time favorites... Fuddruckers!!

Chocolate Pot de Creme from Miette
Alexis: For dessert I picked up a chocolate pot de creme from Miette Patiserie, the counterpart of the Confiserie. It came in a little glass jar which could be returned for a $1 refund. This stuff was like cold cream - silky smooth. And not too sweet either. Perfect way to end the meal, sitting on the dock facing the water.

We didn't get to try the Slanted Door, a Vietnamese spot with afternoon tea but we did have Blue Bottle at their outpost in Hayes Valley, close to where we stayed. I am not a coffee drinker but I decided to try their mocha, pictured below. It's breakfast and dessert, all in one cup. So delicious!

Alex: Blue bottle coffee is indeed "tha shiznit". I got a cup of the regular joe the first day, but the mocha is hands down the winner.

Mocha at Blue Bottle

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