Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Itis, West Coast Edition

Day 1: In-n-Out and Kids in a Candy Store

In-N-Out Burger, Daly City, CA
All you really need in life
Alexis: This was our first stop out of the airport. We didn't bother with the secret menu - I ordered a cheeseburger, black & white shake (half choc, half vanilla) and a side of fries.

No animal style for me
Alexis: My burger. SOLID! The bun was toasted and it really hit the spot after a long flight with nothing to eat but an overpriced piece of plastic-wrapped...flop. The shake was good while consumed with the burger but afterwards, way too sweet. And the fries! I was so sad. They looked fresh and inviting, with the skin still on but they were crisp-less and very lacking in texture and flavor.

Alex: This was a very solid burger for this class of burger. I would compare it to shake shack without the over hyped stuffiness. My shake was strawberry. It was pretty sweet and thick. But not ice cream thick, more like regular cream thick. The fries were a huge let down.

Alexis: ***
I would've given them a 4-star score, but the fry quality dropped them down one. BTW we are implementing a new rating system. 1 star = poopy, 5 stars = das beste!

Alex: ***

Miette Confiserie
449 Octavia Blvd, San Francisco, CA (Hayes Valley)
Miette Confisserie
Alexis: Colorful, exotic candies from San Francisco and all over the world! Everything is on display, just like an old-fashioned candy store. There was too much to choose from but I went for the Fleur de Sel taffy: chocolate, caramel and bergamot (no salt, just bergamot caramel!). The bergamot was alright - very true bergamot flavor but after trying the other flavors, just didn't cut it. My absolute favorite was the chocolate Fleur de Sel taffy - it reminded me of a See's chocolate lollipop but way more luxurious. So nice, I had to go back twice.

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