Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Itis back in Manhattan

Mermaid Inn
96 2nd Ave (East Village)

Mermaid Inn
I had dinner with Kim at the Mermaid Inn. I arrived early and ordered the Old Bay Bloody Mary, which was seasoned with Old Bay spices and came with a skewered shrimp. We sat and each ordered the lobster sandwich, which came with Old Bay-seasoned fries. The bread was more of a bun and grilled. Tasted slightly sweet and complemented the lobster meat very well. The filling itself was delicious - just the right amount of mayo and spice. Will have to return to Mary's to compare again. Kimmeh! You down?

Mermaid Inn
At the end of the meal we got complementary chocolate pudding in these mini espresso cups, topped with whipped cream. And a fortune teller fish.

Would definitely come back - the interior is dark and inviting. In the front are smaller tables and a tiled floor. In the back, dark wood bench seats and more ambient lighting. Lobster rolls are such a treat and the Mermaid Inn didn't disappoint.

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