Saturday, September 06, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things

21 Bedford (W. Village)

Antipasti @ 'ino
Alexis: I've been coming to 'ino since I moved to New York. And unlike many longstanding restaurants, it still tastes exactly the same. They often change their wine list around, and add a few seasonal menu items here and there but for the most part their stock is the same. With only 7 tables and a few seats at the bar, it is a tight squeeze but we got there for an early dinner and were seated right away. To start we ordered a half carafe of Sangiovese and the Antipasti platter, which had soppresata, cacciotorini, chicken liver pate, two kinds of cheese, balsamic sweet onions, eggplant caponata, roasted garlic, fennel, sweet red peppers, gaeta olives... Served with toasted Italian bread from Blue Ribbon Bakery around the corner, this is almost a meal in itself. Great choice of little bites to choose from, my favorites were the balsamic onion, roasted garlic, caccio, chicken liver and asparagus with truffle oil.

Bruschetta @ 'ino
Alexis: I ordered the 4-Bruschetta combo for $10 (each $3). Fig-prosciutto-arugula, walnut-sundried tomato pesto-arugula, summer squash-chili-mint, and asparagus-truffle oil-parmesan cheese. The asparagus bruschetta has been a favorite of mine but tonight was my first time to try the walnut-sundried tomato pesto. Delicious, especially on the fresh chewy bread. The fig-prosciutto and summer squash bruschettas were good, but nothing great to speak of. Everything is simple and fresh, and with no kitchen it is quite a feat what they accomplish here.

Panini @ 'ino
Alexis: This is Alex's panini, sweet coppa with hot peppers and arugula.

We love arugula!

Alex: Best bang for the buck I've had in a long while. Everything was delicious and I walked out with a doggie bag because I couldn't finish my panini. The only things I wasn't really feeling on the antipasti platter was the duck liver and the red peppers. My favorite was probably the asparagus, even thought it makes my pee stink.

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