Monday, September 01, 2008

Set lunch

Soba Totto
43rd St at 3rd Ave

Yakitori Don @ Soba Totto
Alex's set, the Yakitori Don

Goma Dare Soba set @ Soba Totto
My set, Goma Dare Soba

Alexis: On Friday we set out with Andrew and Katie for Soba Totto, quickly becoming a steady favorite of mine. I was hoping for more but the menu consisted of set lunches, tailored to the fast pace of the weekday lunch crowd. This meant no salad, no yakitori save for the set pictured above (no hatsu! no kawa! sad sad sad). The first timers didn't get to experience the full scope of the menu.

I ordered the Goma Dare Soba set, which came with buckwheat soba and sesame dipping sauce, 10-grain rice, pickles, and a small barley-mushroom dish. This is a favorite of mine and I order it often. I also ordered a sake tasting set for $9 which was very reasonable considering you get three 3 oz servings of sake. Delicious, fast and reliable.

Reservations for dinner are recommended, and they accept them for parties of 4 or more.

Alex: Yakitori Don for the Don. The most interesting part of the meal was the egg that you plop right on top of everything. The chicken was pretty typical butit did come with chicken meatball which is always a crowd favorite. Watch out for the big glob of wasabi that they throw in there though. Paired with the spicy peppers this meal can heat up real quick.

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