Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Senegalese please

Joloff Restaurant
930 Fulton St, Brooklyn (Clinton Hill)

Vegetable Pastels @ Joloff
I've lived in my neighborhood for damn near a year and have never ventured into this place, which is only about two blocks away. We had a menu for some reason (they probably dropped it off) and I decided to order in last night because 1) I was sick of pasta and 2) was too lazy to get groceries or cook. So I called in my order and got hibiscus bissap, vegetable pastels and yassa yapp. Above are the veggie pastels, which are similar to samosas but smaller. Inside, a fine paste of veggies. Paired with a tomato-onion sauce, this was pretty good.

Yassa Yapp @ Joloff
The yassa yapp, lamb ribs in lemon-onion sauce. You can choose couscous, white rice or brown rice and I chose the brown rice. Deliciously seasoned and tasty!

I'm interested to actually eat at the restaurant. Because of a small error in writing my phone number down, my food arrived an hour late and wasn't fresh-hot. And despite getting some attitude from the girl on the phone, my order re-arrived and ended up being pretty damn good.

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