Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Eatin good

No. 7
7 Greene Ave, Brooklyn (Fort Greene)
Bread with warm butterbean dip, pickled cucumbers at No. 7

Alexis: When I heard about this place earlier this summer I couldn't wait for it to open. I've worked for another of J-G's people and the food was simple and delicious. I was expecting the same of Tyler Kord and he definitely did not disappoint. After we ordered, they brought us a plate of crusty country bread with warm butterbean puree and pickled cucumbers. Comforting and not too filling, we didn't need an appetizer after this one.

Hanger steak with squash puree, kimchi pierogies at No. 7

Alexis: For my entree I ordered the hanger steak with squash puree and kimchi mashed potatoes. The hanger steak was very tender and cooked a perfect medium rare. The sweetness of the squash and the spicy-sour of the pierogies worked well. I was expecting more kimchi inside the pierogies and less potatoes....but in that case they would not be pierogies, I suppose. As his signature dish, I enjoyed it very much.

Roast chicken with asparagus, carrot puree, truffle jus at No. 7

Alexis: Alex's entree, roast chicken with carrot puree, asparagus and truffle jus.

Alex: My dish was decent at best. The truffle jus was a nice compliment to the chicken, which was tender and moist. While it was a solid dish, it was no way mind blowing. I have to say that this place is over hyped for what it is.

Vanilla Pudding with Miso Bananas, homemade vanilla wafers at No. 7

Alexis: For dessert, we had the vanilla pudding with miso soaked bananas and homemade vanilla wafers. The miso was a bit strong for me but the pudding part was super creamy and thick. My favorite was the vanilla wafer, which tasted faintly of the lenguas de gato my mother and I used to make.

Alex: I second the feelings about the strength of the miso. Way too overpowering. It made the dish more sour than sweet to me. The cookies were delicious though.

All in all, a good experience. The menu is small but diverse and the wine list promising. Cocktails are coming soon, and so are the phone and credit card machine. The interior is charming with some marble-topped high tables by the bar and regular tables in the back, positioned under a couple of skylights. Positioned in a U-shaped banquet, it makes for cozy dining. My only complaint is that the banquets seem like they are upholstered in cheap summer camp material - white and striped, they'd easily show stains and felt nubby and already used. It's a weird thing to notice but it threw me off a little bit. What was Matt Maddy thinking?

Dinner for two ended up being $80 including tip, with one glass of wine each. Not horrible but for what we got, a little steep. I'd go back to the General Greene before I came back here.

Read more about Tyler Kord here at Brooklyn Based.

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