Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Cute tofu

705 9th Ave at 48th St (Hell's Kitchen)

Iced Genmai Cha @ Kyotofu

Alexis: After Soba Totto and a trip to ICP on Friday, we all headed to Kyotofu in Hell's Kitchen. Voted by NY Mag for having the best cupcake of 2007, this was an alternative to Chikalicious. I ordered the iced genmai cha to start, which was mild and delicious and slightly roasty.

5 Course Dessert Tasting @ Kyotofu

Alexis: Alex and I shared the 5-course tasting menu for $17. We got corn cheesecake which was good at first and then got weirder and weirder as we kept eating it. The crust was salty and didn't go well as one might have thought with the sweet corn and peach cheesecake. Odd is the only thing I can think of to describe it and I am a huge fan of queso and ube ice cream (which I dreamt of last night but cannot find a link to online - gone from childhood). We also had a chocolate miso cake with green tea anko cream which I loved. You could barely taste the miso and it wasn't too sweet. The gross-looking soft serve combo is Tahitian vanilla and black sesame soy soft serve with chocolate covered barley. Oddly enough, this was pretty good. Not my favorite but definitely not as gross as I thought it would be. For a first foray into soy milk products this wasn't a bad one. The little white puff on the bottom left is a parfait, which we didn't catch the name of. Delicious and creamy, though, whatever it was. In the center is the sweet tofu with brown sugar syrup and dried apricot, which was my favorite. Very creamy and smooth, like cold cream. Except delicious! And nutritious. I'd come back just for this. But not for the horrible 90s techno they had blaring.

Alex: As usual I was super skeptical. I'm not a soy fan by any means, especially due to the fact it gives men tits. But I do have to say my favorite was the soy soft serve. It was pretty much like regular soft serve and I even liked the sesame. The barley balls were rabbit turds though. My second choice would be the one in the middle. Very similar to flan, I didn't know tofu could taste like that. Tofu weirds me out also, it can disguise itself as too many things. The parfait deal was also highly gobbleable. The other two were just straight up nasty. The corn cheesecake was just freaking weird. It tasted like solidified creamed corn from a can. I also couldn't hang with the bitter green tea paste on top of the somewhat bitter chocolate cake. Bitter batter face!

Alexis: It was chocolate-miso cake. Hence the slight bitterness.


Christian said...

You can order ube ice cream here:

Alternatively, if you have an ice cream maker and are feeling industrious, I saw ube in the vegetable section of the gigantic Assi Plaza supermarket in Flushing last weekend.

Bonbon Oiseau said...

sounds pretty weird and pretty good. count me in.