Sunday, August 10, 2008

Old favorites die hard

Yakitori Taisho
St. Marks at 3rd Ave (East Village)


I haven't been to Taisho in a very long time. Maybe almost three years. A big change from when I used to come at least once a month, sometimes by myself. Serving typical Japanese street food to the NYU crowd, it's an old standby for cheap, good yakitori. We came yesterday with Laurea and David. Still exactly the same - the cramped tables, the bustling waitstaff. Started off with a few appetizers, including takoyaki, small balls made of buckwheat and octopus and topped with brown sauce and bonito flakes.


This is roast duck with fried garlic. Sorry for the picture quality on all of these photos but a) someone would not stop moving the table as I was taking them and b) we were too starved to wait for a good shot. This was delicious and had everything I love about food: fat and salt! New on the menu.

Alex: Hey, I hope that comment wasn't directed at me. Anywhooo.. the duck was okay to me. Just a tad bit too smoky and garlicy to me. Very tender and fatty though, as duck should be.


Fried eggplant with shishito peppers, served cold in ponzu sauce. So delicious and refreshing - another new item on the menu.


Besides ordering by the skewer, they make it easier for you by creating sets. We got Set B, which had two skewers each of scallions, beef, chicken, chicken meatballs and shrimp. This is the main draw here. I love the chicken meatballs (tsukune) and chicken skin extra crispy (kawa).

Alex: I really love Japanese skewers. Grilled meat on a stick is right up my alley. The meatballs were my favorite, followed by the chicken, beef, scallions, and last the skins. The skins just weren't my favorite. I usually don't even like the skin on a piece of regular old baked chicken. I think its a psychological thing, the fat just messes with me.

Chikalicious Puddin
10th St at 2nd Ave
Chikialicious Puddin

After dinner we walked to Chikalicious Puddin where I ordered their vanilla bean soft serve and some chocolate chip cookies. The soft serve was rich and custardy and the cookies were both chewy and crunchy. By far my favorite choco chip cookies in the city.

Alex has the warm apple cake with soft serve but gobbled it up too fast to get a shot. This might be one of my favorite meals of the year but we'll get to that in December.

Alex: Haha, sorry I narfed it down so quickly, it was pretty darn good!

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