Saturday, August 16, 2008

Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas
170 W. 4th at Cornelia (W. Village)

Mixed olives @ Las Ramblas

Alexis: We ate here on Tuesday before seeing a show at the Knitting Factory. Tiny place with maybe 8 tables. From 5-7pm they offer discounted wines by the glass, 2 each of white, rose and red.

Alex: I picked this place, so you can hate me now.

Banderillas con Chorizo de Pato @ Las Ramblas

Alexis: Duck chorizo with quail egg, roasted pepper and pearl onion. Interesting - the chorizo was quite dry, considering the fattiness of duck. Not exactly a winner but not I didn't hate it either.

Alex: Very interesting. I wasn't too fond of this dish, there was just a weird taste to it. The chorizo was dry and the eggs are just odd. They don't taste like regular old chicken eggs at all.

Lamb chops w/ purple potatoes @ Las Ramblas

Alexis: Lamb chops with purple potatoes. The potatoes were more like taro, given their texture and pale purple color. Sauce was good, a little fruity, and the chops were a little dry as well. This seems to be a trend here.

Alex: Hands down my favorite dish at this place. Yes they were a tad bit dry, but the clear favorite here. The potatoes tasted like regular ol' potatoes to me. The color made them fun tho!

Setas al Jerez con Almendras @ Las Ramblas

Alexis: Mixed mushrooms with almonds. This came sizzling to the table and may have been my favorite dish. Very garlicky and tasty! I'd definitely get this again.

Alex: Mushrooms = blah! Next.

Albondigas @ Las Ramblas

Alexis: Traditional tapas item - meatballs with a garlicky aioli. The way I make mine are in a tomato-y sauce. These seemed fried and...dry.

Alex: I was super excited about these, but again was disappointed by the dryness. They tasted good but they were super hard to swallow. Boourns!

Orange creme brulee @ Las Ramblas

Alexis: Spanish version of creme brulee with a touch of orange. Super delicious, creamy and custardy. Great way to end this meal.

Alex: The dessert saved this place, at least it wasn't dry. I hope we just came on an off day, or perhaps they just got a new stove/oven and haven't adjusted the cooking times yet.

Overall, I thought it was okay. I'd give it another chance and order different items, like more seafood, which is what tapas is well-known for. Boquerones, gambas.

Alex: Blame the lack of seafood on me. Thanks.

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