Sunday, August 17, 2008

The charm

Hakata Ippudo

Alexis: My third time at Ippudo - Alex finally got to try it. We ordered the Hirata pork buns to start. This time I got a bit of burnt fat in mine which sounds horrible but really, it's super oishii! We ordered one each of the Shoyu Ramen, which I thought was my favorite, and the Akamaru Modern, which I had last time. The Akamaru Modern trumps the Shoyu without a doubt. More flavorful, more hearty. The broth is almost creamy, without giving you that gross itis feeling that Minca's does. Damn near perfect except for the pork; nothing I've tried can hold up to Chikubu's fatty, thick, buttery pork slices. I shed a tear the day it shut down. To get a feel for a traditional ramen house in Japan, go to Rai Rai Ken on 10th and 2nd. You sit at the counter where you can watch the cooks serve up your ramen. And you sit on rickety, mismatched stools that seesaw as you alternately eat and savor. Ippudo is a great spot, but a little too fancy for its own good. Do away with the big tables and white leather chairs and you could double up the capacity and lessen the wait time. Could the kitchen handle it? Hopefully. Up next, I'd like to try Matsugen, for even fancier noodles. Sobalicious!

Alex: Pork bun = bombdiggety!!!!! These little buns of pork filled joy are probably one of the best things I have eaten in a while. The ramen was top notch too. Great flavor, great broth consistency. My only complaint would be that I wanted more meat and it could have been slightly juicier/fattier. This is probably the best ramen joint out there right now.


Bonbon Oiseau said...

i want some oishhi food right now...need to try this place fo sho!

Scott said...

The pork at Setagaya is the current "best of", no?

lazysundae said...

Nice to see you! I miss reading your blog. The pork at Setagaya is grilled. And while it's good, it's not my favorite. I like thick, fatty fall-apart slices and Setagaya's is too dry for me.