Monday, August 11, 2008

Around the world at BK Flea

Red Hook vendors at BK Flea

Alexis: Yesterday we headed to BK Flea in search of some waffles & dinges but when we arrived at 10:15 they were nowhere to be found. Instead we hit up the Red Hook vendors that were there for a huarache, filled with pork enchilada and topped with all the trimmings. The tortilla was made fresh while we waited and we sat on the steps and ate it in the sun, juice dripping down our faces. We drank some sweet hibiscus tea, which tasted very much like cranberry juice to me.

Alex: My huarache was awesome. The meat is marinated to perfection. Add the toppings and cheese and you have perfection! What is that cheese anyway? Sprinkly cheesy goodnes.

Red Hook vendors at BK Flea

Alexis: Next we shared grilled Mexican corn, slathered with mayonnaise, cheese, lemon, salt and chili.

Alex: Whats not to love?

People's Popsicle

Alexis: This is the People's Popsicle - 2 hams hand-shaving ice and pouring homemade syrups on top, in strawberry or lemon-basil. Popsicle flavors include: watermelon-cucumber, sugar plum-mint, peach-chamomile-honey.

I'm so glad BK Flea is this diverse in their food offerings. This last weekend there was also a French-African restaurant Le Toukouleur who had set up shop, complete with tented dining area. A lot of people complain that it's not a "real" flea market. That it's too crafty and expensive. I'm calling the WAHMBULANCE for you right now. I'm so excited to have this in my neighborhood - great food, great vendors, great vintage finds. It's not the traditional "flea" market but it's a great place for people to gather, eat, shop and meet. So shush your mouth! Does your flea market have all these delicious things to eat? Okay then.

Alex: Sayin' this place has become a weekend tradition. Long live the Flea!


Bonbon Oiseau said...

right on---nice food fest..can't wait to go back

Elizabeth said...

Hi there. Found you via Bonbon Oiseau. I was at Brooklyn Flea today and loved all the tempting food being served up there. Only problem is the looong lines!

lazysundae said...

I love Bonbon!

Alex and I have gone the past 2 weekends to the Flea for breakfast. As in, huaraches and pupusas at 10:30am. Apparently my stomach can handle it! The lines aren't that bad that early's early!!