Monday, July 21, 2008

Que delisioso

Red Hook Vendors
Red Hook Park - Clinton, Bay & Court Streets (Red Hook, Brooklyn)

Pupusas on the griddle

Alexis: This is the first year we've come to Red Hook to partake in the food vendor crazines. We biked down there for opening day this past Saturday. From what I heard from other people that were there, the spattering of vendors present was only a small representation of the previous year.


Alexis: I've never had pupusas before so I had nothing to gauge this against but it was pretty damn good. They had a ton of different fillings like beans, zucchini, cheese... But I went with meat and cheese, then topped it with red salsa from a giant jar and spooned some canned jalapenos onto my plate. I liked this a lot because there was just the right amount of filling and not too much gooey cheese, which I hate. I'd definitely get this again, and maybe next time try the other fillings.


Alexis: Alex's tacos - beef and pork. I also tried tamarind juice, which was very sweet and not at all like the stuff they make sinigang with.

Alex: Ahh the famed Red Hook vendors. I felt kind of cheated since I hear it is just a shell of its former self. Apparently they now have to have the trucks instead of just setting up tables in the park. I would say there were only about 6-8 vendor there total, which is just a damn shame. Anyway, I had a couple of tacos, pretty standard fare that you can get at pretty much any taco truck in Queens (haven't tried a city taco yet if they even exist). This was also my first pupusa, and boy am I glad to have them in my life now. Nice crispy outside and greeted with a warm, melty, meaty inside. Top with salsa and I'm in heaven.


Alexis: I tried mixed ceviche from a tiny truck trailer, with octopus, squid, fish and shrimp. The shrimp and squid were good. The octopus was surprisingly tender, but the fish had soaked for too long and was tough. There was also a weird aftertaste that comes with ceviche made too far ahead of time. But who can blame them when they need to have it prepped early to account for travel time. I'll stick to straight up shrimp next time.


Bonbon Oiseau said...

great photos--looks so good--funny-i made ceviche sunday night and was going to post the recipe but then a came down with stomach flu-a 24 hour thing-so couldn't really think about it--

back on track though and these look soooooo good!

ana dane said...

this is making me SO HUNGRY. did i really just eat breakfast?

lazysundae said...

please post the ceviche recipe! i made one the other day with shrimp, red onions and capers.

ana dane, there is always room for pupusas!