Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The vegetable for today is: ONION

Roast pork before the oven

Alexis: This Sunday I made dinner for Alex, Mike and Erin H. using a couple of Jamie Oliver's recipes. I started with my own watermelon-goat cheese-mint over Boston lettuce with a dressing of extra virgin, seasoned rice vinegar and honey. Then I started on the roast pork, which was rolled in rosemary, caraway seeds, salt and pepper, then placed in a pre-heated cast iron skillet fat side down for a couple of minutes. Then I flipped it over and filled all the empty spaces with quartered red onions, chopped celery, the remaining spice mix and some crushed garlic. This went into the oven (375 for ours, maybe 400 for yours).

Alex: The salad was excellent. Nice and fresh for the summer, especially with the watermelon.

Roasted center-cut pork

Alexis: This is the result. I took the pork out after about 45 mins and poured about 2 glasses worth of Chardonnay into the skillet to reduce into a sauce. Then I sliced the pork thinly and served the sauce over it. I thought the pork was a tiny bit on the dry side, and will make adjustments for next time. Otherwise, tasty.

Alex: The pork was ever so slightly dry, but extra sauce helped it out. I loved the spices on the meat and it had a nice little ring of fat all around it that gave it extra flavor.

Potatoes and onions al forno
Alexis: For the side I used Yukon gold potatoes, more red onions and garlic. First I boiled the halved potatoes for about 5 minutes, then drained them. In a roasting pan, I heated olive oil over the burners and added rosemary, salt and pepper. Into this mix went the potatoes, and one stick of unsalted sweet cream butter. I cooked this for a bit then added about 3-4 small red onions, quartered, and one whole head of garlic, also quartered. Then a cup and a half of cheap balsamic vinegar and into the same oven with the pork, on the top rack.

All I had to do was pull it out midway and give it a stir. And the finished product, lovely caramelized onions, a sweet balsamic sauce and butter soft roasted garlic. I think potatoes are my favorite comfort food by far!

Alex: The potatoes were a pleasant surprise. The vinegar gave them a sweet and sour taste. I sprinkled a little extra sea salt onto them and they were perfect. This was an overall delicious meal, I could tell I liked it a lot when I went for a 3rd helping!


Bonbon Oiseau said...

nice menu--love the idea of the caraway on the pork and the potatoes sound...awesome...

I've been making the same salad with watermelon, goat cheese and mint-so nice with a mild tasting green (we have this weed called purslane growing in the garden and i's really nice if you can find this--(I also want to try it with shiso instead of or with the mint.

come to the mccarren park green market on saturdays and try the goat cheese from Consider Bardwell Farms---you will not regret it!

lazysundae said...

i have heard of purslane but had no idea what it was!

i'll try to check the greenmarket soon. i love your photos of your market finds!