Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sticky rice on a sticky day

Sticky Rice
85 Orchard near Broome (LES)

Alexis: We ducked into this little Thai spot after watching a movie at the Sunshine. I was a little dubious at first, but after the tasty appetizer we ordered, I was sold. We ordered the Firecrackers to start, spring rolls in tofu skin. Chicken, chili paste, cellophane noodles and vegetables with sweet and spicy tamarind sauce. For my entree I had the spicy duck salad, which came with pineapple, apples, cashew nuts and a mixture of greens including Napa cabbage. To end dinner I ordered the mango with coconut sticky rice, a staple at Viet and Thai restaurants.

I have to say, we got a great value for the money. The $5 dessert included a HUGE portion of sticky rice and half a mango. My appetizer salad would be considered entree-sized at most other establishments, and Alex's entree came with a lot of acoutrements, including 3 different sauces, kimchi, half of a Gus's pickle, bok choy and rice. Another good thing: it's BYOB. We didn't know this beforehand but good to know for next time.

Alex: I would have to say this place was decent at best. I wasn't too into the appetizer, fried Tofu always creeps me out. My dish was the Grilled Ribs with 3 dipping sauces. My memory is horrible but i think they were Lemon Grass, Thai BBQ sauce and something else. I liked the Lemon Grass sauce the most. The Meat itself was slightly charred and had a few odd bones in it but satisfying. I can live without Kimchi. I would say the saving grace for this restaurant is that it is pretty cheap. Not a bad meal at all, but I don't think I'll be rushing back anytime soon.

Ps... my phone's camera is hot!

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