Sunday, June 08, 2008

Not so lazy Sundae

Bourbon vanilla French toast

Today I made Bourbon Vanilla French Toast from a recipe I found on Serious Eats. I left out the vanilla bean (too expensive!) and used some Bulleit bourbon, which we love, as well as some whole wheat challah instead of plain. The result was pretty damn tasty - you can really taste the bourbon and the inside of the bread turns custard-y and almost like pudding. Alex got these smoked Andouille sausages that were a great, spicy contrast to the toast. We didn't have any maple syrup but we used honey instead, which was just as delicious. Some fruit would've set it off - next time I'll use some strawberries and bananas.

Alex: Mmmm!!! The Bourbon absolutely killed it. I really wish we had some Maple Syrup, but have you seen the price of this stuff now-a-days??? 10 ounces at Met was close to $15!!!

Kumquat Cupcakery
Kumquat Cupcakery

I went to Brooklyn Flea after brunch and got a sampler box (6 for $5) of mini cupcakes from Kumquat Cupcakery. From left to right: Banana Creme, Caramel Coffee Bourbon, Chocolate Peanut Butter. I loved the chocolate peanut butter the best - the cupcake is not too chocolatey and there is a spot of peanut butter on top, under the icing, that was a nice surpise. The caramel coffee bourbon one was a bit sweet, and the banana creme was decent. You could really taste the banana flavor.

Alex: Who can say no to Cupcake shots? The Banana Creme was my fave.

The best cupcakes still come from Heavenly Crumbs, which I have to make a run to sometime soon. I am jonesing for some red velvet and almond cupcakes!

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