Monday, June 16, 2008

Pizza mia

Amorina Pizza
Vanderbilt at Prospect Place, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

Amorina Pizza

Alexis: While searching for pizza spots near the hood I came across Amorina Pizza, a tiny spot in Prospect Heights. They don't deliver to us so we had to go there to try the pizza. Last night we hopped on our bikes and despite a scary roundabout at Grand Army Plaza, we arrived unscathed to a 20 minute wait at 7:20pm.

We were given a bread basket filled with delicious foccacia, salty on the top, and a small ramekin of fruity olive oil. We gobbled this up, along with a generous half carafe of Montepulciano d'Abruzzo. The wine list is not extensive by far, but what is on it is fairly priced.


Alexis: Alex's pizza, the Diavola, with sun dried tomato pesto, spicy salami and fresh mozzarella. The winner - the tomatoes were intense and sweet and the spicy salami was a great complement. But let Alex tell you about it, it was his pie.

Alex: First I must say that the Olive Oil they gave us to dip the bread in was insane! As far as the Pie went, I have to say it was pretty good. Maybe not in my top 3 Pizza joints, but its hovering around 4 or 5. What made this Pie was the Sun Dried Tomato Pesto. The flavor was slightly sweet, slightly spicy and very intense as Alexis said. Just a nice thin coating did the trick. I like this on my Pizza a lot more than a traditional Tomato based Pizza Sauce.
Mozzarella, prosciutto, fig

Alexis: I ordered the Prosciutto e Fichi pizza, which was a white pie with fresh mozzarella, parmiggiano, thyme, figs and prosciutto. It was delicious but after tasting Alex's pie, my mouth kept craving that hyper-tomato flavor. The crust was very good - mine was just a tiny tiny bit undercooked. It was cooked all the way through but I wanted some burnt bits. This was due to them rushing out my pie after an ordering mishap where they brought me a Puttanesca pizza instead.

I'd read mixed reviews about the place, but we must've hit it on a lucky day. The service was friendly and prompt, and the pies, although not mindblowingly good, were most certainly gobble-able. I'd definitely come back.

Alex: I thought the service was great. They called us from next door when our table was ready, we were served promptly, and we got a super huge discount after our server made a mistake. I would definitely go back.

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