Monday, May 12, 2008

A mother's day without mothers

295 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn (Park Slope-ish)

Alexis: Yesterday Laurea, David and Ken picked us up and we all biked over to Franny's. It's a small-ish spot with some outdoor seating and we were seated inside after about 10 minutes (we arrived at around 2pm). I'm guessing it was a little busier because of Mother's Day. Alex and I ordered the Rigatoncini with Lamb Sausage, Mint and Spring Onions and the pizza with tomato, buffalo mozzarella and basil to share. We also had a glass of Ciro Rosso Classico each, which is a lighter Italian red wine that turned out to be very delicious.

The pasta was cooked perfectly and with not much sauce - probably just drippings, pasta water and cheese. A lot of great spring flavors in this dish, especially the lamb and mint. Next time I would definitely like to try some appetizers but choosing one was just too hard.

Alex: I have to second the emotion on the Pasta. I am a really big fan of Noodles with chunks of Meat so this was a sure fire hit. Although not quite as good as the Pasta from Olea, this dish had all the right ingredients at the right proportions down to the last bite.

Alexis: The pizza! So delicious and the crust was perfect - thin and chewy. Compared to Una Pizza Napoletana, I liked Franny's crust better but the sauce at Una Pizza is better. Still, I highly enjoyed digging into this pizza and cutting it into slices. My only gripe was that it came on a much smaller plate, so it slid around when I was cutting into it.

Alex: A very respectable Pie. I thought the crust was a little too thin and the toppings were very minimal. I don't like an inch layer of Sauce, but some bites were kind of dry.

Alexis: Cannolo with pistachios for dessert. Fresh, crunchy shell filled with oozy, creamy sweetness. I was expecting something a little bigger since it was called a cannolo instead of cannoli. A slight technicality. A bigger one would've been next to grossness.

Alex: For some reason this reminded me of Lucky Charms?

Alexis: We also ordered Vanilla Panna Cotta with Saba. Saba is a small, sweet banana used for cooking (most popularly, turon which is basically a banana springroll with jackfruit) in the Philippines. What came was a creamy, jiggly, delicious panna cotta topped with a sweet vinegar syrup. I don't know why I thought they'd use a Filipino ingredient but that's the only saba I'd ever heard of! From Saba is a mildly sweetened vinegar that is aged for over 2 years, going through a natural fermentation process that concentrates the consistency and flavor of this vinegar as it matures and becomes balsamic vinegar. Delicious delicious delicious. Very smooth and creamy and you could really taste the vanilla.

Alex: This was very good. Smooth, creamy, and not too heavy.

Alexis: Definitely will be back. The prices are a little unjustified though, so I wouldn't come too often. But definitely to try other pizzas and some of the house cocktails, like the prosecco with wild celery syrup or rosemary lemonade (rosemary infused gin with lemon sour).

Alex: I have to agree, the food was good but a little over priced. But everything seems to be over priced these days. UGH!

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