Thursday, April 17, 2008

Someone is glowing

Adam Platt's gushing, embarrassing review of Momofuku Ko.

Some responses:
I generally agree with Adam but I wasn't expecting any review nearly this favorable. After reading his detailed descriptions of the food, I remember making stuff like that in my halcyon days after smoking a few joints. I never expected anyone would ever want to pay for it.

I disagree - visiting a restaurant once or four times is irrelevant when assigning a star rating -- first impressions are everything in this business. I enjoyed Momofuku Ko, although I think the 4 star rating is a bit of a stretch. The short rib and pork belly were excellent (his signature dishes in my opinion), however some of the dishes (the egg dish particularly) were too salty. The wine-tasting option is a steal and I highly recommend it. I suggest trying Ko although I'm not dying to go back. I think he serves good food at all 3 of his restaurants although I'm a bit perplexed by this magazine's obsession with his food -- its all Asian white man food.

Alex wants to see what all the hype/hate is about. I'm willing to give Chang another try. There's just so many other restaurants I'd rather spend my money at. Maybe when I'm feeling frivolous I will try it again.

EDIT: More non-love for Momofuku Ssam Bar on Citysearch.

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