Sunday, April 20, 2008


171 Lafayette @ Adelphi (Ft. Greene/CH)

Alexis: I've been here with G-Mike before for brunch. Last night we tried to go to Habana Outpost, not knowing that it was opening day. Of course it was ridiculous there so we looped back on Lafayette to go to Olea. It was a Saturday night at about 7:30 but we were sat within 10 minutes. I ordered a mix of east and west coast oysters to start - gotta get my fill in before oyster season is over! They were briny and delicious. My only gripe - no one explained which oysters were which! There was one I especially enjoyed, that was buttery and not too meaty.

Alexis: We ordered a mixture of things - there is a small tapas menu, from which we ordered the above almond-olive trio. From the top: mixed olives, paprika-smoked almonds and green olives stuffed with serrano ham and then flash fried. These last nibbles were very interesting - frying seems to suck some of the salt and sourness out of the olives. I wouldn't say I loved it but I didn't hate it either. Other things that looked tasty were the dip trio (choose from romesco, hummus, tzatziki, and a spicy veggie dip) served with warm pita, as well as the falafel-crusted artichoke hearts with Turkish eggplant salad and tahini-yogurt sauce. NEXT TIME!

Alex: The title of this post should be Ola Ola Olea in honor of Kid from Kid-n-Play scoring a sweet gig on Celebra Kadabra. Anywho, the Tizers were pretty good. The Almonds had a very interesting subtly smokiness to them. I wasn't the biggest fan of the Fried Olive thingies, they were a little differnt but not bad by any means.

Alexis: We also ordered these Turkish "cigars" which are actually made of lamb meat and phyllo dough. It was served with feta cheese and tzatziki. These were so delicious I gobbled up two of them and left only one for Alex.

Alex: Yeah, I can't really form an opinion on these bad boys since they were gone in a flash.

Alexis: This is Alex's dish, orrechiette with sausage, broccoli rabe and tomatoes - a classic Italian pasta combo. They also added cannelini beans and pine nuts to round out this hearty dish. Orrechiette means "little ear" in Italian.

Alex: I absolutely loved this dish. It was filling but not too heavy. All of the ingredients worked well together. The creaminess of the Beans, the sweet and sour of the Tomatoes, the saltiness of the Suasage, and the Boccoli Rabe thrown in for good measure was a sure fire hit. I will definitely have to get Alexis to make this at home! Haha!!!

Alexis: This is a great little neighborhood spot. During the week they have specials at the bar. For example, $1 oysters from 5-7pm every day! I'm there this week. Oysters plus a glass of Sangiovese rosato are a perfect combo.

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