Monday, April 14, 2008

The incredible, edible...Egg

N. 5th and Bedford (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

Alexis: Egg has been a favorite spot for a few years. They used to only serve breakfast and brunch, sharing a space with Sparky's who took over in the afternoons. Recently they have taken over the space entirely and are now serving lunch and dinner. We made reservations for 6 at 8pm but when we arrived it was fairly slow with no wait. We started with the Preserves Plate, which had buttered baguette slices, pate, duck confit, cured pork loin, jam, lima bean puree, cornichons and pickled red onion. On the side was a little dish of spicy brown mustard. This was great for sharing - a lot of different tastes on one plate: salty, sweet, sour, crunchy. I would definitely order this again. We also ordered a seared sea scallop with pork belly which was delicious, except there really was only ONE sea scallop on the plate. Not great for sharing. The salad arrived very beet-y and cabbage-y which I didn't mind but it was very salty.

Alex: I too loved this appetizer. Who would have thunk I would like the Pate? Its cuz it was wrapped with BACON!!! I thought the Duck Confit was a little dry tho.

Alexis: Duck confit is usually on the dry cooked in duck fat. Awooo!

Alex: My main dish was a big ass Pork Chop. Did I mention it was big ass? Damn this thing was huge! It was lined with a half inch thick ring of fat for some yummy flavor which I promptly trimmed off (gotta watch the physique). The actual meat was tender but salty as hell. They must have let this bad boy soak in brine for a few days because it was salty all the way thorough. Major disappointment. I think they are salt happy at Egg after dark. My side was Garlic Grits which we pretty good.

Alexis: As an entree I ordered the fried chicken, which is a half chicken (breast/wing, leg, thigh) fried with a delicious crispy crust. It came with a biscuit and some collard greens, which aren't my favorite but it was a gigantic serving. Sadly we went to a house party after this where I forgot my leftovers. The next day I received a text that the chicken was delicious and where did I get it? So it just goes to show you, it's good fresh AND the day after.

Alexis: For dessert we ordered one of each - the molasses cake and toasted pound cake with custard sauce (that's creme anglaise to you bourgie yupsters) both with vanilla ice cream. The molasses cake was alright - molasses is a taste that takes some getting used to. I use it in cookies but that's about it. The pound cake was the winner - slightly crisp on the edges and warm - it was literally gobbled up in about 2 seconds. Wolfed, narfed, scarfed down.

Alex: Yum. I liked the Pound Cake the best.

Alexis: The dinner came out to just over $30 per person including tip - which is amazing considering the amount of food we got. Appetizers plus desserts, and the entree servings were quite large as well. It's BYOB right now which is great because there is that little liquor/wine store right by the train station at N. 7th and Bedford, and also UVA at N. 6th and Bedford. So grabbing a bottle before dinner is not a problem at all. You don't even have to ask if I'll be back - I'm already there.


Jeremy said...

what did alex have? I need his comments so I know what I'll actually want to eat.


I like the balance both of you give.

lazysundae said...

been trying to get him to update - i am going to stop until he catches up.