Monday, April 21, 2008

BK Burgs

67 Burger
67 Lafayette (Ft Greene)

Alexis: I guess Alex was craving beef. This was my first time at 67 Burger and I thought it was pretty damn good. We ordered sweet potato fries, which arrived first. They seemed very lightly battered - fried to a light crisp, while still soft and sweet inside. Dusted with salt - super delicious and not at all greasy.

Alex: My second time here might have been better than the first (especially since I was with my lovely lady). I love that a good Burger joint is not too far away. The Sweet Potato Fries were so jammin. The salt was more like salt flakes instead of granuals. Love it mang.

Alex: I had the JalapeƱo Burger with Pepper Jack Cheese, and Chipotle Mayo. I was in the mood for something spicy but boy was I disappointed. This thing was mild as hell, not even close to spicy. The actual Burger was really good and juicy but I wanted some damn spice fool!

Alexis: I ordered a turkey burger, Greek style. This meant black olive tapenade on the bottom bun and a burger topped with creamy feta cheese and crispy artichokes. The turkey patty was surprisingly juicy and flavorful. I was not a huge fan of the tapenade though, and would not get this next time.

All in all a pretty good experience. We sat outside but it was still a little cool for comfort. A beer, soda, sweet potato fries and 2 burgers ran us about $30, which is a little much considering. I'd still go back though, there are many other combos to try.

Alex: This place takes Shake Shack, sorry to all the shack sack riders.

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