Sunday, April 06, 2008

Au soleil, sous la pluie, a midi ou a minuit

Cafe Moutard
239 5th Ave (Park Slope)

Alexis: Last night we headed to Park Slope to have dinner. There is absolutely nothing around the Brooklyn Museum that I'd want to eat at (if I'm wrong, please learn me) so we hiked about 20 minutes to Cafe Moutard. We were seated right away and given this palette of vegetable crudite and dipping sauces to start. Four different kinds of mustard and an olive tapenade - unique and refreshing.

Alex: After about a 5 mile walk we decided on this place instead of walking like 8 more miles to the place we originally wanted to go to. As we were standing outside looking at the menu a passer by said the place was really good, and since I always trust random strangers we moseyed on in. The decor was typical French Bistro in America.

Of all of the Mustards from the appetizer, I liked the yellow one the most, the others were just a bit too sweet for my taste. I usually go for the spicy Mustards.

Alexis: For an appetizer I ordered warm leeks with black truffle oil vinaigrette. It came with a large helping of mesclun salad on the side. The leeks were soft and sweet an nicely complemented by the vinaigrette. As an added surprise, they were topped with chopped capers. This is what I love about French cooking - it's so simple and lets each ingredient have a chance to shine.

Alexis: For my main course I ordered the cassoulet, which is about as French as you can get. The first time I had this was in Paris last year, which Many homecooked for us. This one came with crisp duck confit, some average pork sausage and rich fatty pork belly. Instead of cannelini beans they used big fava beans, which I love. So delicious and comforting, and even better eaten with some buttered bread. I gotta learn how to make this at home - hopefully there is some winter weather left.

Alex: Why I can't take a decent picture is beyond me. I believe I had the Pork Medallions in a sweet/sour brown sauce and Mashed Potatoes over some sort of veggie which I can't remember at all since I took so damn long to finally update the blog (my bad). The sauce on the meat was maybe a bit too sweet for my liking but the meat was still very good, not over cooked so it was tender and juicy but not oinking at me still. The side dish was just great, too bad I can't remember what it was! Maybe I should start playing Alexis' Brain Age game on the Nintendo DS, yeesh!

Alexis: Garlic mashed potatoes over julienned veggies - zucchini, yellow squash, carrots... Alexander, what side dish are you talking about - the one I just described? Hahaha!

Alexis: For dessert, profiteroles with vanilla ice cream and warm chocolate sauce. Super delicious and gone too fast! The chocolate sauce was poured over the plate at our table, and it was just the right balance of bitter-sweet.

The food wasn't mindblowingly innovative or fancy but it was great, delicious, solid French food. Worth the hike in kitten heels, it was.


Chris said...

The food at The Islands (around the block from the museum) is really good. You need to be patient, but it's generally worth the wait.

lazysundae said...

Thanks! We plan to go back - it was too crowded to enjoy ourselves - I'll definitely check it out.