Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Poor David Chang

It’s not that I'm not happy; I'm just fearful for the future. I'm fearful that everything's gonna be taken away… I’m a total head case right now, I cannot keep this up. All I want to do is fucking move to Idaho and ski and fish and read books.

Yes! Please, move to Idaho and take your shitty restaurants with you.

Chang on tips: "They were sticking to the concept that there would be no servers, because Chang wanted the cooks to get all the tips. ('Servers are such greedy bastards,' he says. A server at Ssäm Bar could bring in seventeen hundred dollars in a week working thirty-two hours; a cook working the same hours would earn three hundred and fifty.)

You're an ass. Why don't you pay your chefs more Mr. I'm-Taking-Over-NY-with-Fake-Ramen?



Anonymous said...

Shitty? Plenty in the city to call 'shitty'. Plenty over hyped most certainly.

As the article states, he opened Ko his chefs could make more money.

Ssam Bar and Ko do not serve Ramen.
and he has stated that he doesn't make authentic ramen.

I like your blog, but dumb, misinformed posts take your blog down to the level of well, 'shitty food blogs'

AC said...

Is that you, David Chang?

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not that are people in the city that enjoy eating at the Fuku's. I know it is now cool to hate on the kid, but the food speaks for itself. Your post comes off as just a hater with no substance. Do you really think the food is 'shitty'? If you do, I don't think that you have taste buds worth reading about.

AC said...

Yes I do.
You're entitled to your opinion; let me have mine. At least it's not anonymous.

Anonymous said...

A blog is a public forum. If anonymity is something that bothers you, you should make this a private blog.

AC said...

Yes it is a public forum. I'm entitled to my opinion and so are you. I could make it anonymous but then I wouldn't be able to hear from you. I'll take the good and the bad - because again, everyone is entitled.

For the record, anyone calling their place a "Noodle Bar" should at least make noodle dishes that are good. I went there shortly after it first opened with two other friends and we each ordered a different noodle dish, each of which we hated. So, yeah it's cool to hate on him now but I've always hated him. That said, after my first experience of having less-than-satisfactory food, I don't feel like eating at any of his other establishments. But again, just my opinion.

Thanks for making me waste those two minutes defending myself on my own blog. And as always, thank you for visiting.

One question - what time zone are you in? It is way too early in the day to be dealing with this b.s.

Anonymous said...

I obviously enjoy the Fuku's. You tear him and his restaurants a new asshole with no mention of the food. This being a food blog, I wanted to find out why so much hate. Now I know. Thanks.

It is noon/ lunch time in the city of Gotham. I think Ssam bar is calling my name.

AC said...

Haha. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

David Chang here,

Just because my dishes are easily replicated by non retarded people doesnt mean my food sucks. Fuck you AC.

A lot of people think I give Mario Batali props, but he is not a major influence. He puts too much effort and time into the preparations of his dishes.

I think I owe a lot of credit to Sara Lee of "Semi-Homemade." I learned from her that I can just buy a lot of premade stuff from asian super markets and use nice plating to make great looking food.

I mean I put 6 pieces of boba, 2 slices of some packaged chinese uni, a spoonful from a package of some cheap 69 cents house tofu pureed, and chinese made furikake, its got to be chinese cus its a lot cheaper and white people cant tell the difference.

Only in America can I put 23 cents worth of food on a nice plate and charge 16 dollars for it.

I mean I would get lynched in Japan and Hong Kong for this.

I dont really care that all my critics are asian, fuck em, its not like I'm in China.

Tony said...

I agree. It was a lame post. Grow a better set of taste buds.