Friday, March 28, 2008

Nom nom nom

Una Pizza Napoletana
E. 10th St at 2nd Ave (E. Village)

Alexis: At Laurea's recommendation we ate at this spot last night after Alex's basketball game. It's a tiny spot, and serves only four kinds of pizza. Coffee, tea, beer, wine, softdrinks...and nothing else. After being brusquely greeted by the hostess/server, we were asked to wait outside. We were seated 10 minutes later and we ordered the margherita pizza and a round of drinks. The pizza took forever and I was pretty nauseous by the time it arrived (stomach monster started to eat itself). The pizza was well worth the wait - and hefty price tag. It arrived uncut on a 12" pizza dish, perfectly cooked with just the right amount of everything. As far as thin crust goes, this is the winner.

Alex: Okay, listen.. this is by far, hands down, the best Thin Crust Pizza in the city. Ya betta axe somebody! I might even go so far as to say this place can give ole DiFaras a run for its money, but they are obviously two completely different styles of pie. I thought it might be too soon to eat Pizza again after Grimaldi's, but I am so glad I went. The crust was perfectly cooked and just tasted amazing. I usually don't eat too much of the edge crust but I devoured all of mine and the parts Alexis didn't eat. All of it was just good, and topped off with a bit of Sea Salt. Awesome!

Alexis: Here's a closer look - you can see colored lights reflected in it if you look closely. The philosophy behind the pizza is a little pretentious but owner/chef Anthony Mangieri deserves bragging rights. He can craft a delicious pie.

The spot is only open Thursday-Sunday though, and they serve pizza only until the dough runs out. So don't go too late, especially on the weekend when they start at 12 noon. We shared one pie between the two of us but I think if you've got a good appetite, one pie per person is the norm.

Chikalicious Puddin
204 E. 10th St at 2nd Ave (E. Village)

Alexis: Been wanting to try this spot, as the regular Chikalicious dessert bar is great. We stopped in after pizza and ordered some pudding. I got the Adult Chocolate Pudding, which came atop a bed of crunchy chocolate bits. Alex got the Brioche Pudding. My chocolate pudding was delicious - the consistency of expensive face cream. In a good way! I wasn't such a fan of the chocolate crunchies though, the dessert could've done without it. The brioche pudding wasn't what I was expecting either - I was expecting actual brioche pudding, not brioche IN pudding. Nonetheless it was delicious and was a nice contrast to the bittersweet chocolate.

Aside from the pudding (there was one more, Vanilla Custard Pudding), they also sell cookies and shortbread, as well as Apple Pudding Cake and coffee, tea, hot chocolate.


angel said...

i also recommended that shit. yes thanks. Angel.

Angel said...

pizza place :) hehe

angel said...

oh ps. im retarded. pss. that pizza is good but pricey! didn't you think so too?

AC said...

i think the yummy factor offset the price.

rumlada said...

there is a new di fara's in Manhattan - laurea and david said it's amazing and they sell byt he slice