Thursday, March 27, 2008

No way...

David Chang did not just comment on this measly little blog.

It's SANDRA Lee, DC. If that is even you. Which I very highly doubt. But I could be wrong, you do seem like the kind of person that would Google himself.

Oh and if you could, please explain this:
I tried the Finchville ham first, and — yikes! — it had a most unpleasant funk to it, kind of a fetid wet newspaper flavor. I mentioned it to Andy and he looked at it carefully. “It’s still got mold on it,’’ he said.


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Anonymous said...

Seriously get off my cock already.

I don't Google myself.

My publicist uses automated technorati searches and your dinky ass blog came up.

And my comment about cooks getting paid less than the servers was misconstrued.

What I meant to say was that cooks would probably get paid more if owners like myself hired cheaper Mexicans/Ecuadorians mexican labor as servers as well and keep their tips.