Monday, March 31, 2008

Ed Zachary disease

Shanghai Cuisine
89 Bayard (Chinatown)

Alexis: What is Ed Zachary disease? It's when the food going in looks Ed Zachary the same when it comes out. We ordered pork soup buns (disappointingly dry inside), braised pork shoulder with bok choy and chow mein Shanghai style - pan fried and topped with vegetables in sauce. It was all pretty delicious but way too much food for two people. We took it home...

...And I reheated the noodles the next evening. I was in and out of the bathroom about 4 or 5 times, plus a ridiculous (scary) amount of times the next morning. It is now about 2:15 in the afternoon and my stomach is still feeling queasy. No idea what could've done it since I was totally fine the night I first ate it.

Hope you're not eating lunch right now. The verdict: yummy but eat it all that first night. Don't think I'll be back to this spot, there are other (better) places to get soup buns.

Alex: I was really looking forward to the Soup Buns, which were (as mentioned) dry as a bone. And this place is supposed to be know for their Buns! The Veggie and Noodle dish was pretty good, I liked the crunchiness of the noodles. The Pork Shoulder was tender with a thick layer of fatty goodness around the meat. Got stuffed, dealt with screaming brats, watched in awe as 4 college looking kids devoured 7 servings of Soup Buns, and smelled like Chinese food for the next 2 days, it was awesome!

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ed zachary!

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