Monday, March 10, 2008

Dump sum

Jade Asian Restaurant
136-28 39th Ave, Flushing

Alexis: On Saturday we braved the shitstorm to meet friends in Flushing for dim sum. We converged at Jade Asian Restaurant on 39th Ave for some pushcart goodness. I was looking forward to this since it was recommended to me by a local Queens friend of mine who is pretty picky when it comes to food. It did not disappoint. Pictured above are the fried baby octopi we ordered. We also got char su buns, meatballs, shrimp, clams in black bean sauce, flat noodles with shrimp and beef. Compared to Jing Fong the quality of the food was better but we missed out on a lot of other dim sum favorites such as har gaw and shumai, shark's fin dumpling soup, radish cakes. NY still cannot beat Vancouver or California at dim sum.

Alex: Dump Sum is right! I didn't like it the first time and I certainly didn't like it this time. I have to say that this place was a lot worse than the first place we went to in Chinatown. The selection was a lot smaller and the stuff I did try didn't blow me away by any means. I seriously don't get the hype bout Dim Sum, it's basically overpriced, mass produced finger food. And why are all of these places on the not so clean side of things? Blech!

Red Mango
136-53 Roosevelt Ave, Flushing

Alexis: After dim sum we went to Red Mango on Roosevelt. It was like the frozen yogurt showdown. On the way we passed a Pinkberry, which supposedly copied Red Mango. Whatever. I got a small original yogurt with Ghirardeli dark chocolate chips and strawberry bits. It wasn't as tangy as Pinkberry, which I actually like, and was more ice cream-like. General Itis consensus: it was alright.

Alex: I thought this was the best Frozen Yogurt place that I've tried since Brent worked at TCBY in Austin. I don't really like the sour taste that most joints have, so this was right up my alley. I wonder what the Green Tea was all about.

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