Monday, February 25, 2008

Our favorite activity

Lil Frankie's Pizza
1st Ave between 1st and 2nd Streets (LES)

Alexis: BRUNCH! We met David, Laurea, Angel and Mitya in the LES for brunch yesterday. $12.95 gets you a main, as well as coffee/tea/juice AND a brunch cocktail (bloody mary, mimosa, bellini, etc.) Great deal, great food. I ordered poached eggs with polenta and portobello mushrooms, topped with a giant shaving of parmegiano reggiano and served over arugula salad. Our server forgot to put it in so I was served last when everyone was finished. BUT - it was well worth the wait. That and I had already been plied with 2-3 bloody marys free of charge for her mess-up.

The vibe inside is pretty casual pizzeria. We also had to start a roasted eggplant, which was sliced open at the table and drizzled with 2 kinds of olive oil - extra virgin and chili, as well as a sprinkle of sea salt. Very simple and delicious.

I would definitely come back here, if only to try the baked eggs w/ polpettine (mini meatball) ragu. Oh and the bloody marys have olives in them, which I love.

Alex: It's always cool to hang out with friends and stuff your face. Alexis and I got there a little early so decided to start boozin' it up. Between starting early and all the freebies we got I was feeling nice by the time we left. I had the French Toast (surprise surprise) which came with diced fruit and powdered sugar. As far as French Toast goes this was pretty typical, always a crowd favorite.

The Doughnut Plant
379 Grand @ Norfolk (LES)

Alexis: For dessert, DONUTS. I love these donuts, though this is my first time to the actual location. Apple, peach and chestnut are delicious. I would love to try their tres leches (their claim to fame) and the rose petal donut. Alex and I both had the yeast donut - vanilla bean glaze with blackberry jelly inside. DELICIOUS. Slightly chewy donut with homemade jelly inside. A definite favorite.

Doughnut Plant donuts are also available at Dean & Deluca.

Alex: YUM!

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