Sunday, February 10, 2008

Muevete buey

La Esquina
114 Kenmare (Nolita-Soho)

This was our first time to try this place. We'd made it all the way down to the 6 train when my stomach monster started to rear its head. So we headed back out to La Esquina. I knew it was expensive Mexican but didn't realize how expensive...$10 tacos! That's preposterous. The food was great but I'll be on the hunt for a taco truck next time.

Alexis: We started with the grilled corn - pretty straightforward and yummy, especially with a squeeze of lime.

Alexis: I had the fish tacos (insert infantile joke here), grilled market fish skewered and served atop shredded cabbage, and salsa verde with fresh guac. These were delicious and moist, though I had to switch from handheld to utensils because the juices overcame the tortilla.

Alex: I went for the Pork Tacos, and while they were good, they don't hold a candle to real deal Tacos that you can get from any truck in Queens (anywhere from Sunnyside to Jackson Heights). But for a bourgeois Taco these were pretty tasty. The Pork was marinated in a slightly sour and spicy sauce. On top of that was some shredded cheese, what I assume to be Pickled Cabbage, and a couple of Jalapeno slivers. The combo of the marinade and the cabbage made the Tacos on the slightly sour side but was nicely balanced with the spiciness of the Jalaps.

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