Monday, February 18, 2008

Kiss the chef

Alex: Ok so I lamed out and took the easy route. I bought a Boboli pre-made Pizza crust, spread some Spaghetti sauce from a jar onto it and layered on some Mozzarella. The thing I like most about this meal is that it is quick, easy, and you can make it to your liking. Personally I find that the key is to put just the right amount of sauce. A nice thin layer does it for me. As for the toppings, half was Sausage and Mushroom, the other half was Arugula and Prosciutto. I did have to fry the Sausage first but not too much since it cooks more in the oven. It is critical to not over bake the pie so the crust doesn't burn and get too brittle. I think it came out pretty well. Besides, Prosciutto makes everything better!

Alexis: We've made a couple of these at home - better than delivery and you can put whatever you want on it! The crust isn't too thick or doughy, which is what I hate. I liked the sausage-mushroom side better myself, but it was all good. This is great for experimenting. Up next I want to try a pesto pizza. Or do the kind w/ the raw egg in the middle for dipping. Is this French style? Who knows, I've heard it called many different things. I also want to make one of my favorites - margherita pizza.

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