Friday, February 08, 2008


Ippudo opening soon in the East Village. Read about this quickly-growing Japanese chain here, on Rameniac.

The style here is Hakata ramen, which has a milky broth. I've only had it at one other place in New York, Menchanko Tei and Menchanko Tei-55. Okay so that's two but technically they are the same place.

What we really need is another shoyu spot. Since Chikubu has closed, I have not found another equal - buttery pork, rich clear (dark brown) broth. Oh no, I'm drooling!

Inspired by the movie Tampopo:
When I eat at a ramenya, the first thing I do is hold the steaming bowl up to my face and breathe in the aromas. Do any distinct smells stand out? Pork? Salt? Chicken? Can I smell the onions? Is there garlic in the soup?

Next I sip a spoonful of soup, being careful to not let any of the toppings in my spoon. I mentally note the character and complexity of the soup, and again, try to detect all the ingredients that go into making the broth. Often I’ll take another sip of just the soup before I continue to the noodles, just to reaffirm my first impressions.

I’ll then slurp a generous helping of noodles to taste it sans toppings, paying attention to the texture; there’s nothing worse than soggy overcooked noodles. Then again, clumpy, too-chewy noodles aren’t that great either. The perfect texture for ramen noodles should be al-dente, if not just a bit harder, especially for the thinner hakata ramen.

Read the rest here on The Ramen Blog.

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Ippudo said...

Ippudo is so good, definitely my favorite chain in Tokyo. I'm psyched that they're coming to NYC. More at Ippudo NYC