Sunday, January 20, 2008

The hardest little brunch I've ever made

Eggs Benedict:
I cooked the bacon first, in a cast iron skillet. We didn't have Canadian bacon but I like regular bacon better anyway. In the meantime I started the Hollandaise sauce - egg yolks beat with some white wine vinegar (lemon juice works well too) and cooked it slowly in a double boiler. I added melted butter slowly and then kept it warm in the double boiler. Added sea salt and cayenne pepper and later, some warm water to thin it out.

I sauteed some spinach in garlic and olive oil, then set it aside to cool. Under the broiler, I put some whole wheat English muffins to toast. Meanwhile, I poached the eggs in a saucepan of boiling water and white vinegar.

To assemble: cut bacon into smaller pieces and place on to of muffin halves. Top with sauteed spinach, then poached egg and then Hollandaise sauce.

A lot of work (and cookware) but I think it came out pretty good. Some hashbrowns would've been good but I had no more pans left.

Alex: I love Eggs Benedict for brunch so I was super excited for this one. I never had it before with Bacon but it works really well. I mean its Bacon, what doesn't taste better with Bacon? The Hollandaise Sauce was a little bit on the sour side and I think the Bacon enhanced this with its saltiness. Too bad it was such a pain to make such a small little meal or I would be requesting this one a lot more often.

Alexis: Hollandaise and Bernaise sauces call for lemon juice and/or a little vinegar. I like tart things. The sauce was tart - not sour!

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