Monday, January 28, 2008

Et voila...

DeKalb at Vanderbilt (Clinton Hill)

Alexis: Finally - pics from our favorite spot in the hood, iCi. Saturday was ridiculously cold but we trekked up here on our way to Home Depot for French toast with pear and apple compote (top) and shirred eggs with bacon and collard greens (bottom two).

Shirred eggs is a French recipe, called Oeufs en cocotte. Eggs are placed in individual ramekins, topped with cream (and in this case collard greens and thick, fatty bacon) and then placed in the oven. Mine came crusted over with some excellent cheddar cheese - salty and crisp on the outside, creamy and hot on the inside. This is the kind of dish you want to curl up inside - will be making many return trips, hopefully for dinner soon.

My only gripe - I ordered a Bloody Mary, which came to me thick, boring and uninspired. It was basically canned tomato juice dumped into a glass atop some ice and a dollop of horseradish. You can't charge me $9 for that!

I cannot wait for summer. Or warmer weather at least. Cannot wait to cruise on my bike around our still-new neighborhood:
Blue Marble Ice Cream - the sustainable scoop
Green Grape Provisions - gourmet grocery by wine store the Green Grape
And that's just for starters.

Alex: I will have to agree, this is by far the best spot we have been to in the hood. I got the French Toast this time and was NICE. The bread is very light and fluffy and the batter they make it with isn't too eggy. Mix that with the Pear & Apple Compote and some Maple Syrup and you are in sweet brunch heaven. I also tasted the Shirred Eggs and ooh wee, I might have to get that myself the next time we are there. I’m just glad we didn't sit by the door this time. But what the hell is up with all the parents letting their kids run wild in there. There were at least 2 DIFFERENT tables with kids playing the drums on the table with their utensils. And to make things worse, one of the fathers must have thought this was cute or something because he played right along! WTF... have some respect for your fellow diners. New York has NO manners!

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