Thursday, January 31, 2008

Corte et dulce, comme moi

I'm loving brown butter sage sauce right now. So easy to make yet so interesting to smell and taste. It smells rich and nutty and if done right, tastes richer than the thickest Alfredo sauce. And I don't even have fresh sage! To make: melt butter in a little saucier and sprinkle sage. Cook until golden - I don't even use any utensils. I just swirl the butter around in the pan. Great on ravioli or seafood. My dinners this week have been salads paired with (frozen) ravioli in this new favorite sauce of mine.



Anonymous said...

I like to cook this and add in some meat, spoon over bread, and sprinkle with cheese.

lazysundae said...

yum what kind of meat??

Anonymous said...

usually chicken but I bet fish could be good sans cheese.

butter and sage make anything taste flavorful and hearty

Scott said...

Made this last night for me and my kids, over non-frozen, Fairway, meat ravioli.

Kind of meh.

I blew it, though... too much sage; not enough browning. Will try again, though, because we LOVE it in restaurants.

Oh, and... Dessert Truck? Down from day one, baby!

AC said...

Hi there Scoboco! I tried looking for it on your blog. What's your favorite dessert there?

W/ the sage/butter sauce, it's tricky. The butter turns slightly brown and when you smell the nuttiness of it, take it off the heat. I use dried sage which is sort of disturbing since it's all powdery but it works well.