Saturday, December 29, 2007

Lucky you

84 E. 4th Street at 2nd Ave (East Village)

Alexis: Been wanting to try this spot. Located right at the corner of 2nd ave and 4th Street, it's also right next to Winebar, which used to be Ovo, where I worked about 2 1/2 years ago. I think Raymond still owns it.

We started with two Belcourt cocktails, which were basically champagne and elderflower liqueur (possibly St. Germain). Would've been nice with a twits of lemon. For my appetizer I had the soup of the day, Jerusalem artichoke pureed with walnuts and topped with a swirl of creme fraiche and drizzled with brown butter. Very light tasting and comforting. My entree was the much-raved about lamb burger, which I ordered medium but it arrived a little on the rarer side. Fine by me - it was very juicy and tasty. Fries were good and they were definitely not stingy with the goat cheese, as you can see. What set it off were the zucchini pickles - creamy and tangy.

The atmosphere was pretty charming. Tables and chairs mismatched, hopefully scored from antique shops and flea markets. The floor was tiled in typical French bistro style. My favorite bit - an bright red antique mailbox in the bathroom that housed paper towels.

I'd like to go back, if anything to try my Plan B dinner: the grilled sweetbreads to start and hanger steak with bone marrow sauce for dinner. From 3-6pm they also have some specials, like 1/2 dozen oysters with Muscadet for $14 and a burger with beer for $15.

Alex: The atmosphere was quite charming. I was having a tough time deciding what to order and finally settled on the Boudin Blanc Dog appetizer which came with Sauerkraut and Wild Pepper Potato Chips. I really don't know what I was thinking. I didn't want a huge meal, but should have known that the appetizer wasn't the best bang for my buck. The Dog was small and had an odd, almost bitter taste to it (the Mustard didn't help things much either). The Chips were really good though. I think they were home made with the right amount of fresh pepper and salt. Anyway, long story short, if you go to Belcourt hungry get a proper meal. I will reserve judgment on the place until after I go back for something else, like the Pork Belly which I was initially eyeballing.

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