Saturday, November 24, 2007

Two stuffed turkeys!

Alexis: This was brunch today. Used Arnold white Pullman loaf dredged in a little bit of salted egg scramble and milk. Sauteed a gala apple with some butter and cinnamon; added a little apple cider to sweeten it up. Paired with some thick bacon cooked in a skillet - YUM.

Broome & Mott (Nolita)

Alexis: This Australian transplant has a tiny Stateside home now just north of Little Italy. In the window are candy horses and gigantic almost foot-wide lollipops adorn the counter. When we walked in, they were just finishing up a batch of Queens candy, which they let us sample. There was a giant candy hamburger, candy nigiri (sushi!!), candy dumpling, and bags, jars, lollies, rings, test tubes... We walked with a mix of candies (the Morris mix), the I <3 NY mix (each borough represented) and a small (4" in diameter) strawberry lolly. Definitely expensive but I'll definitely be back. Favorite flavors: cinnamon, bergamot, strawberry, banana.

Alex: Overhyped and over priced if you ask me. You can get this stuff for a lot cheaper and tasiter pretty much anywhere candy is sold. But I guess its a "hip spot" with "funky" flavors.

Lombardi's Spring & Mott (Soho)
Alexis: Alex was jonesing for pizza so we went to Lombardi's, which boasts being the first pizzaria in America. I don't really care if that's true or not but the pizza was bangin! We got a house salad to start and then a small pizza (6 slices) topped with fresh, slightly sweet tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella (makes all the difference), fresh basil, sauteed spinach, red onions and pancetta. Crust was crisp and chewy and we left stuffed. This is one place that does live up to the hype, at least most of the time. And if you can stand all the tourists.

Alex: Yeehaww... I love Pizza. Ok, I guess im the typical American dude... I like Pizza, Burgers, and Hot Dogs. When i think Pizza, this is what comes to mind. An OG NYC style pizza! The crust was nice, buttery, crispy, and not too dense. The toppings were all good, but one small problem with Spinach is that it gets pretty juicy. After the pie had a chance to settle a bit it was excellent. I still need to try Grimaldi's for the taste test challenge. I've also since been back to DiFaras with a whole new appreciation, so I can't crown a Pizza king just yet. The DiFaras review will be coming soon.

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Scott said...

Just missed you! I went to Pappabubble for the first time on Sunday and bought five bags, then got one free.

As Debbie poined out, it's pretty amazing how they take this essentially old-lady item (hard candy) and, through slick packaging, make it seems mod and fresh.

Plus: tastes delicious.