Thursday, November 01, 2007

It's been a while...

...we are busy packing up to move into our new apartment in Clinton Hill! Stay tuned for more posts about local fare.

In other food news, I worked Cook.Eat.Drink.Live which sounded cool in theory. In reality, not impressed. Though I did work for a cool company, Tsar Nicoulai out of San Francisco. Jenny hooked up the connection and I helped plate about 5 lbs of caviar onto wafer thin water crackers. Rich California Osetra, flavored whitefish (ginger, white truffle) and trout (kaffir lime, brandy, vanilla) roe and other species of sturgeon - hackleback and my personal favorite, paddlefish. I learned way more about caviar than I could ever hope to.

They are the pioneers of sustainable sturgeon farming. And their product is good - we had a few Russians stop by and they said it was comparable to what they were used to in the motherland.

A fun experience, eating caviar and drinking champagne all day. Exhausting, standing and answering the same questions for 6 hours.

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