Thursday, November 22, 2007

Gobble gobble!

Alexis: Turkey brined in sugar, salt, garlic. I was scared the turkey was going to come out dry - it was not bad. I should have eased back on the salt in the brine though. We just jammed a lemon, orange and some onion in the middle and then let it roast on its own.

Alex: The Turkey was pretty good. As Alexis said, the bird was a tad too salty. I guess we didn't notice the little thermometer thing popped in time, so it wasn't as juicy as it could have been. Big ass birds are tough to gauge.

Alexis: This is cornbread dressing with gala apples, sausage, pecans and onions. I used Aunt Jemima mix for the cornbread, which I made the night before. Probably my favorite part about Thanksgiving.

Alex: This was indeed a crowd favorite. The Sausage set it off.

Alexis: Brussels sprouts sauteed with golden raisins and golden prosciutto. These came out good. I overcooked them a little - I would've preferred them to be a little crunchier.

Alex: I really liked the Sprouts too. The cooked Prosciutto was awesome!!! Bacon to the max. Catch the wave dude.

Alexis: This is a recipe I got from NY Mag. It called for cranberry jam but since I had already planned to make cranberry sauce (from scratch, thank you very much) for the turkey, I decided to go with a peach-rosemary combo. I was inspired by our last dinner out - I added a little balsamic vinegar after I took it off the heat. It'd go really well with lamb or roast chicken. The bread was crisp and slightly sweet, chewy. And stayed that way even with the melting gelato on top.


Alex: Mmmm dessert, like desert with an extra 's', becuase you want more of it.

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