Sunday, November 11, 2007

Eatin good in the neighborhood

I wish I could post photos of the deliciousness we had today but noooooo. The photos downloaded to nowhere and I stupidly deleted them from my camera without checking first.

We had brunch at iCi on DeKalb @ Vanderbilt. I think it is primarily French. Despite the fact that I was constantly bumped and nudged by passers by throughout the meal, and that we were seated right next to the door that seemed to perpetually stay open (letting in all the cold air), we enjoyed the food tremendously. Alex ordered the leg of lamb sandwich, which came on ciabatta and had a spicy mayo/mustard sauce and a side salad. I had the French toast with apple and pear compote, pretty much the best French toast I've had. The outside was light and crisp, and the crust was a little chewy. I would've enjoyed it even more if it had stayed warm longer. I had a little pot of Chinese pu'er tea as well - reddish in color and earthy in taste.

For dinner we got some Spanish Jumilla from Olivino on Fulton @ Clinton and ordered in from Fulton Thai: beef in Panang curry with string beans, coconut milk soup with lime, lemongrass and tofu, and chicken Pad Thai. Regular run of the mill Thai food but it sure hit the spot.

I'm so upset I'm ready to retrace our steps to recapture the image from today. It's not that often you see a building called "Ex Lax Inc."

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