Monday, October 15, 2007


Yakitori Totto
W. 55th between Broadway and 8th Ave (Midtown West)

Alexis: I've been wanting to take Alex here for a long time. Top to bottom: crazy bonito flakes atop asparagus skewers; lamb chops with a wedge of lemon; chicken hearts; chicken meatballs w/ quail egg - plain with shiso and plum, with brown sauce; dashi maki tamago - sweet egg omelette with shredded daikon; chicken breast with spicy red sauce. We also ordered chicken oysters (rare part of the thigh) and chicken thigh.

Alex: Another one of those "little plates" spots that makes me wonder if I'm going to be hungry as hell after we leave. This place turned out to be pretty good also. Everything was delicious, but I wasn't really feeling the Egg thing. I dunno, I'm just not a Egg dude. Everything else was good though. The meats were all prepared well, tender and juicy. I am just extremely shocked that Alexis didn't get more weird on me and order Octopus Spleen or some shit. Peep the video, it was definitly the highlight of the meal. I freaked when I saw all those little flakes of stuff floppin' around. Good times!

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