Monday, October 08, 2007

The motherload


Alexis: Made more steak at home - had trouble cooking it because it didn't defrost all the way, so the insides took a lot longer to cook. See the blood spilling out! The freezing process didn't hurt it too much, the meat was still tasty and tender. I cooked some portobello and shiitake mushrooms on the grill with the meat, first tossing them in olive oil and balsamic vinegar with salt and pepper. I also served baby carrots with lemon juice and some creamed spinach (made this time with 2% and a dab of sour cream for lack of heavy cream). I wanted wild rice but after an earlier cleaning incident involving a zealous roommate, it was nowhere to be found.

Verdict: GOOD.

Alex: The Steak was pretty good, but the cut we got was a little difficult to manage. Lots of gristle and fat throughout. The gem of this meal was the Creamed Spinach. I love the stuff and it give me big muskulz.

E. 32nd Street (Koreatown)

Alexis: Another spot I haven't been to in a while. Alex and I both ordered the medium pho with the brisket. I added soft tendon to mine. Also, an order of chicken potstickers and some Vietnamese iced coffee. The food arrived within 3 minutes of ordering, but the coffee was a long process that took about 20 minutes to serve. No matter, everything was delicious. I added all the trimmings to my soup - Thai basil, bean sprouts, jalapenos, cilantro, squeeze of lime. Also some chili paste and a dab of hoisin sauce. I could've done without the potstickers though, the bowl of soup was more than enough for me.

Forty minutes later I was hunched over the throne at home, expelling the meal as fast as I inhaled it - no matter though, the pain was worth it. Johnny Cash, he was singing about my ass.

Alex: The was a Pho spot on South Lamar back in the A-town that was pretty popular. My still developing tasted buds were way to young at that point to appreciate it. Needless to say, this was the first time since then that I tried Pho again (bout 10 years or so). So, I'm a little more brave now and decided to dive right in. The noodles and broth were pretty good but a little bland for my liking. I went balls out and dumped all the spicy stuff that I could find into it. Oohwee it was pretty hot! But I couldn't stop eating. The Iced Coffee was a nice relief. Yeah, I'd do it again and maybe get a little more exotic next time!

Mandler's Original Sausage
E. 17th and Broadway-ish (Union Square)

Alexis: It's surprising - I haven't been to this spot in about 2 years. I first came with Ryan and we were treated to some pretty decent sausages and zucchini fries (pictured above, with the Krainerwurst). With 6 different kinds of mustard (ranging from spicy horseradish or 3-peppercorn to sweet vermont maple or amber ale honey mustard), it's a condiment freak's heaven.

I picked this place on Saturday and am sad to report that the quality of food has dropped dramatically. The sausages had been pre-grilled, then to warm them up again they were scored and deep fried. Which made for disgustingly dry and chewy sausages. Some of the mustards looked like they had been watered down and I was actually nervous to pump them out of the containers. Will not be making a return trip. Ever.

Alex: Yeah, this place kinda fell short. The Weinders were too dry and the bread just didn't jive. And to make matters worse, the Mustards we pretty weaksauce too! I had high expectations, but seriously can anything ever live up the the perfectness of a real German Bratwurst? I don't think so.

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