Thursday, October 18, 2007

Blue Ribbon should get a gold medal

Blue Ribbon Sushi
Sullivan St. near Prince (Soho)

My work team was long overdue for a dinner out - the last one was the seafood extravaganza in Chinatown way back in February. Our boss took us to Blue Ribbon Sushi, which is one of the best sushi restaurants in NYC. Drinks at the Cub Room first, then on to raw fish and BEEEF:

Beef negimaki with enoki mushrooms. The beef was so tender.

Hamachi with pureed shiso pepper and salt on the side. Hamachi is pretty much my favorite type of fish to eat like this. Until I tried Kanpachi, which we also ordered. Buttery, smooth and delicious.

Here is a smorgasbord of rolls: spicy tuna, spicy lobster, blue crab california and eel and avocado sushi prepared the traditional way, in a box. I don't usually get rolls. The eel and avocado were really good - the eel was not slimy, as is usually the case in a lot of Japanese restaurants I've been to. Most of the time when I order unadon, the eel is a little tough, like it had been frozen. This was soft and delicate.

Rock shrimp tempura maki - my favorite roll from last night. I love tempura batter!

My favorite, sashimi. We had maguro (tuna), hamachi, kanpachi, smoked hamachi, and scallops. Flanking the sashimi, those yellow rolls are lobster wrapped in paper-thin pieces of egg. Delicious.

This is ribeye, cooked very rare. Topped with a brown sauce and a mixture of mushrooms. From what I could tell, white, shiitake and enoki. I ate the shit out of this. Steak was super tender and the mushrooms - nothing else goes so well with red meat. Except maybe some red wiiiiine.

Green tea creme brulee. The last time I had this, it was at Forbidden City, where the custard was a weird pine green color. In this one, the green tea was very faint. The custard was creamy and not too sweet - I might have to say that this was better than Dumont's.

All in all an awesome dinner - I'm pretty lucky to have a boss and coworkers who like to eat so much.

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Anonymous said...

"I'm pretty lucky to have a boss and coworkers who like to eat so much."

unlike your stupid boyfriend!