Monday, September 24, 2007

Wishing it were "topless"

Sala 19
35 W. 19th St (Grammercy-ish)

So this is one of Sophie's favorite restaurants - both times I've been here, it's been w/ her. This past Friday, our friend Jaebock (who we've known since middle school) was in town so we all met up for dinner and drinks.

It's a great spot - we ordered a ton of food, starting with dates stuffed with almonds, then wrapped with bacon. Also some toasts topped with duck breast and pork loin, and patatas bravas and serrano ham croquettes. Then a whole platter of serrano ham, a meat and cheese platter, shrimp in garlic, and finally the paella. I'm going to have to say the paella was the best part of the meal - I was so stuffed but found room to jam another helping in there. The shrimp in garlic, also very good - lots of olive oil and garlic to dip the bread in. You can't have tapas without the seafood!

There's another Sala downtown, at Bowery and Great Jones but it's more entree-oriented. Both excellent spots to dine.

Alex: I had a good time at this place. I am always a little skeptical about Tapas since it is just a whole bunch of small servings. I feel like I won't be satisfied and have to eat somewhere else aftterwards. I guess doing Tapas with a large group of people is the way to go.. most variety for your buck. I can't really complain about anything, it was all great. The Sangria just kept a-flowin' and I would say my favorite was the Pork Loin. Ah-salami-steak-um.

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haha you spelled gramercy with two m's