Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Kawaii ne!

Alex and I were in Queens this weekend for Labor Day - we went to Flushing Meadows Park and had a picnic, played Scrabble, then had Thai on Roosevelt. On the way home I decided i wanted to check out this Korean grocery nearby. I tripped out on the bins of kimchi and other assorted pickled food in the back - all behind glass cases, which you can help yourself to. Huge garbage-sized bins - kind of awesome and scary at the same time.

I found this Biokips food storage box by Komax for $5. Bought some zaru soba, ponzu sauce, scallions and nori to make lunch. Assembly wasn't too involved. I packed Australian cheddar, a Fuji apple, hard boiled egg, and the noodles and sauce. Underneath the noodles are leftover green beans.

A great way to save money and eat healthy.

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