Sunday, September 09, 2007

85 Broadway (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

Alexis: I haven't been here in about 2 years. Their schtick is to have the servers come by and write the specials on the paper tablecloth. As you can see from the photo above, we pretty much had to memorize all the specials because what she wrote down didn't really tell us anything. I got the braised pork with fried green tomatoes and eggs over easy. The pork was pretty good and soft. The tomatoes were a little strange, mostly because they were covered in cornmeal. And instead of eggs, I would've preferred some hashbrowns maybe. All in all, not a super good value. Plus the waitress never checked on us after she took our order - we had to flag someone else down for coffee. And I had wanted to order a Bloody Mary but by the time she finally stopped by we were finished with our meal. Decent but not enough for a return trip any time soon.

Alex: Ahhh brunch, a weekend tradition! I had the Italian Eggs which was just some eggs stacked on toast with some sauce, seasonings, and a tomato thrown in. It was good, but I should have had the Pancakes. Not sure if we'll be going back anytime soon.

33 Crosby (Soho)

Alexis: This is a spot I've been wanting to try since pretty much forever. It's a tiny place. We ordered the tortilla espanola (traditional egg and potato pancake w/ zucchini), some Spanish cheese, grilled chicken on skewers with bacon and scallions, and stuffed piquillo peppers with bacalao and red pepper sauce. The tortilla was good - a thick wedge of mostly potatoes, seasoned w/ salt, pepper and onion. The chicken had a Catalan sauce of almonds and spices pureed together that was slightly smoky and spicy. The best part of the meal was the stuffed piquillos and red pepper sauce - the bacalao inside was super soft and creamy and the sauce was great for dipping crusty bread in. The only downside - the bartenders eating and gossiping within earshot at the end of the bar.

Alex: This was just what the doctor ordered on a boring Saturday afternoon. I guess we just missed some weirdo art parade and had nothing to do, so when in New York... drink! A couple of glasses of vino and some finger foods made for the perfect escape from boredom. I had a red wine which was decent, but not so much so that I could tell you the name. My favorite Tapa was probably the Grilled Chicken. The Cheese with the Cranberries gave me mouth-splosions, but the Tortilla and Stuffed Peppers weren't a big hit with me. I guess there was supposed to be some fish in the peppers somewhere but I didn't find it, and the sauce was just odd.

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